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Sustainability Index

At the intersection of nature, culture and community, public gardens are uniquely positioned to lead the transition to a sustainable future.  The Public Garden Sustainability Index is an industry-specific tool to help gardens large and small meaningfully act upon the opportunity and fulfill the evolving stewardship responsibility that lies at the core of our collective mission. Environmental goals are realistic only when conceived within a broader perspective that encompasses Environmental, Social, and Financial Sustainability.

The Public Garden Sustainability Index was developed to create a unified sustainability assessment that public gardens can use regardless of their size or location. The Index sets forth key practices that will increase a garden's sustainability performance and provide data to support their sustainability claims.

The Proven Practice Workbook details how to implement sustainability measures introduced in the Sustainability Index. It is suggested to use these resources together. Topics include water consumption, wastewater reduction, community education and finance and governance.

This first edition of the Index was initiated and supported by Longwood Gardens in collaboration with PE International. Thanks to Longwood's generosity, the American Public Gardens Association is currently leading the second phase of development of the Public Garden Sustainability Index. The Green Buildings and Landscapes Professional Section as well as professionals from throughout our membership are currently updating these tools to guide development of sustainable practices.  For more information about the Public Garden Sustainability Index, Proven Practice Workbook, or to get involved with Phase II development, please contact Program Manager Sarah Beck,