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About Climate & Sustainability Alliance

The Climate & Sustainability Alliance offers a portal of resources for public garden professionals. From operational sustainability and benchmarking tools to educational curriculum, the new resources provide public gardens with support for communicating about and mitigating the impacts of climate change on plants and the ecosystems we all depend upon.

Climate Change poses an existential threat to the flora and ecosystems public gardens showcase and conserve. The American Public Gardens Association is committed to supporting member gardens as leaders in sustainability and global climate change awareness.

Climate Resources

Public Gardens advocate for the value of plants and strive to combat “plant blindness.” The Climate & Sustainability Alliance shares cutting edge research on how climate change is affecting plants and plant conservation efforts. The American Public Gardens Association and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) partnership provides public garden professionals with opportunities for exchange on the impacts of climate variability and change, while utilizing the most current climate data.

Education and Engaging Communities

Public Gardens have unique credibility as trusted science and conservation educators. As important centers of conservation as well as formal and informal science education, public gardens serve as a major source of climate change and sustainability information for visitors and students of all ages and skill levels. The Climate & Sustainability Alliance connects public garden educators and communications professionals with curriculum and pedagogy to address the challenges of communicating climate change to diverse audiences.

Establishing Sector-wide Sustainability Standards

At the intersection of nature, culture and community, public gardens are uniquely positioned to lead the transition to a sustainable future.  The Public Garden Sustainability Index is an industry-specific tool to help gardens large and small meaningfully act upon the opportunity and fulfill the evolving stewardship responsibility that lies at the core of our collective mission. Environmental goals are determined within a structure that encompasses Environmental, Social, and Financial Sustainability.